Beyond the Rush Gets First Review

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Normally, Whom You Know has a policy of only reviewing full-length feature films and we've been proud to work predominantly with Warner Brothers Pictures since Dolphin Tale and Sony Pictures where Peachy was honored to transform into an Angry Bird recently. However, if you are first a Mover and Shaker as we define it, maybe we will review your short...and also if you are really good at cheeseburgers and Guinness... Beyond the Rush is not only the only short we've ever reviewed but also it is the only one we've ever seen, and we saw a screening. (Note: it has not had a premiere and this was not a premiere.)

Robert Sayegh

Mover and Shaker Robert Sayegh has been painstakingly penning this flick since 1992, and keep in mind that when you go see a full length feature film, multiple amounts of that time by several people have been invested in the success of it for years before it ever gets there. It's clear a lot of thought and careful writing went into the script by Sayegh.

The haunting story developed much more quickly than we are accustomed to, however, that is probably the point in a short: this is the most powerful usage of eerie and dark in twenty minutes we've seen! Beyond the Rush is a stunningly dark tale about a young man, Samuel Grieves, who is highly affected by mental health and addiction afflictions, however, the story develops and looks at the protagonist's past relationships that center on his absolutely horrific mother. He cannot escape his past and instead of not letting tragedy define himself (which we would highly recommend in real life, where you should rise to the occasion always) in this fantasy tale, he revels in his setbacks and creates havoc in all that comes his way.

R - World Media

He's an absolute addict, and Beyond the Rush takes on several controversial issues that will provoke beaucoup de discussion post-movie. We suggest you see this movie with an open mind and leave all issues and opinions you have on the shelf; however if you are an addict or you know an addict, how you personally feel about addiction could color your feeling while seeing Beyond the Rush and mental health is another monster of an issue this film takes on.

R - World Media

The writing is evocative of an intelligent true depth of feeling, and there is great word choice throughout. If there is not a strong script, there is never going to be a great movie as a result and some scripts that make it to the very big screen really make us wonder. The word choice matches the storyline and time period and place...and believe it or not, we don't always see that happen even in movies that you know of.

We applaud the screenwriting, obviously, and additionally liked the cinematography. The intelligent camera filming from the capture of the inward steps centering on feet to the opening side mirror of a car perspective, you can tell that the camera operator has great vision and unique perspective, which we don't always see. Also in terms of product placement, which we always notice, we spied Maker's Mark which was one of the first alcohol brands featured in 2009 (but not since, and we do not know the owner...but you know who always has good alcohol placement ideas).

R - World Media

The scene settings were accurate and from the clinical coldness of the hospital which really puts the chill in creepy, and which we are always interested in staying the most far away from always to the sunnier nature of Greenwich Street Tavern (have you been and if not, what are you waiting for!) Finally, we liked the Sound of Silence which was a great song choice to echo the sentiment of this film that plunges into darkness.

LOGLINE: Shattered by a lifetime of isolation and self loathing due to his mentally ill mother's abuse, a son's obsession to reunite with her leads his life spiraling wildly into an abyss of darkness.

R - World Media
R - World Media


A passion project for Robert Sayegh, BEYOND THE RUSH has traveled a long, unconventional journey on its way to the small screen. Adapted from a short story he wrote in 1992 for his Senior English thesis paper, Rob has taken the original story of a drug addict obsessed with killing his boss and evolved it into a short screenplay that delves deep into the psyche of a mentally ill man whose love for his mother trumps all other facets of his life. It wasn't until a chance encounter with Director/Producer, Steven Shaw, and Cinematographer, Russell Geltman, from The New York Film Shop, did Rob start to formulate a plan to make his movie.

BEYOND THE RUSH tackles some very controversial issues facing today's society including mental illness and the fact that it oftentimes goes undiagnosed, manifesting into an uncontrollable disease, leaving those afflicted by it so sick, that they become untreatable.

With a stellar cast anchored by veteran thespian, Luis Antonio Ramos, and young up and coming stars, Joe Reegan and Sarah Street, the characters Rob wrote 24 years ago amazingly came to life. The other main cast members, Faron Salisbury, Elizabeth Mateer, Theodore Bouloukos, and Stephen Sayegh rounded out a stellar group of professionals who took Beyond the Rush from the written word to the big screen.

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